Tax Preparation & Planning

I prepare individual, corporate, partnership, and tax-exempt returns for clients throughout the year. The great majority of my clients’ returns are filed on a timely basis. I take the time to listen to clients’ concerns, needs, and problems and work efficiently to resolve their issues to the best of my ability. Clients have the opportunity to review any returns before filing and ask questions of me to make certain we’re filing an accurate and complete return. Where possible, I will always file returns electronically as this reduces errors taxing authorities may make and results in quicker refunds. I’m always prepared to discuss legitimate tax-saving or tax-deferral opportunities and methods that may relate to a clients’ particular set of circumstances and goals. I hope to hear from you if I can help you with your taxation needs.


Financial Statement Preparation

Many businesses will require financial statements prepared by a certified public accountant because of requirements placed on them by third parties or may see a benefit from having statements prepared to lend support to their own internally-prepared statements, receive a greater comfort level, or make management decisions regarding financial health and business trends. I am currently available to prepare compiled or reviewed statements. The majority of my work on financial statements are for contractors and builders, and service organizations, although I’m involved in preparing statements regularly for assorted business types. Please let me know if you believe you would benefit from having financial statements prepared for your organization.


Business Advisory Services

Small corporations, partnerships, and proprietorships often would like to discuss business concerns, planning, or ways to increase profitability, but have no financial staff of their own. I’m always ready to help you with whatever issues are concerning you including initial set-up and business organization, budgeting, purchase and financing of fixed assets, cash flow and collection, personnel, and other issues. Generally, if you contact me looking for my thoughts, and I’m able to answer your questions immediately with no research, you’ll not receive an invoice. It’s a pleasure to hear from my clients. If I’m unable to assist you, or feel you need the services of someone else, I’ll gladly refer you to one of many other accountants, bankers, or technology specialists whom I maintain relationships with.


Quickbooks Set-up & Coaching

It seems that Quickbooks has become the favorite accounting software for small businesses everywhere. I have been coaching and assisting clients for years in Quickbooks set-up, maintenance, and trouble-shooting problems. While the program is certainly popular, it does help greatly if you have a background in bookkeeping and understand some basic accounting. If you’re in over your head, have minimal interest, or simply don’t have time to learn as much as you’d like, play to your strengths, and let me help you as often you feel you need assistance. It’s always better to address problems on a timely basis as they occur, rather than wait till the end of the year and realize it’s going to be time-consuming and expensive to get your bookkeeping to make sense and be meaningful.


Payroll Tax Reporting

I do not operate a payroll service. There are a number of competent payroll processing firms locally and nationally who I can refer you to, who would love to be of service to you. However, if you’d prefer to process your payroll yourself, I’d be happy to help you get started by filing the appropriate applications and registration forms if you like. If you’d rather prepare the payroll reports yourself as well, I’m available to coach you to get your reports prepared properly and timely.

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